A dialogue on language for a more inclusive society

I grew up in Seattle — on traditional Coast Salish land — in the ’60s and ’70s. As a child, I didn’t truly understand the counterculture protests and the civil rights movement. Still, I saw that music, fashion, and hairstyles were changing — and with them, attitudes.

I was —…

A personal approach to protect your privacy online

Recently, several friends asked my advice on how to improve their internet security when browsing the web, checking email, and scrolling through news feeds on their phones.

I confessed that while I was no expert, I was happy to share what I do to protect my own privacy online. Afterwards…

Why governments need to educate their communities on differences in lifestyles, customs, and heritage

When the Fab Five launched the hit Netflix makeover series Queer Eye in 2018, they did so with a singular goal in mind: to normalize themselves to a broad swath of people in Georgia — a US state struggling with contentious issues around race, religion, and gay rights.

This goal…

In-app Instagram surveys catfish loyal customers

I am sure that it is not a surprise to anyone that Facebook.com generates 98.5% of its revenue from advertising, and that they own and operate sophisticated technology to tailor and target advertising to people with precision accuracy.

What you may not know is that Facebook impersonates other businesses to…

How two simple changes can improve your understanding of our climate conversation

If you live in the United States, I have a proposal for you: make these two changes right now:

  1. Set your thermostats to Celsius
  2. Change your weather apps to Celsius

I have an American friend, and he does…

How both enough and a scarcity of time makes for better writing

Our professor had just handed out a syllabus for the Fall Term. She seemed uncomfortable, fidgeting with a paper copy in her hands, and avoided eye contact with the class. Hesitantly, she said, “This is a three-page summary…

One of the most cringeworthy memories of my teenage years is attributed to the untethered abuse of my hardcover Roget’s Thesaurus (this was before the Internet) as I enthusiastically cranked out yet another creative writing assignment on the day it was due.

You see, I was in the zone. I…

Okay, I admit it. I used a linkbaited, listicle-promising title to attract your attention and tempt you to tap through to this partially disguised manifesto. It worked, and here you are with great expectations (perhaps) on how to avoid the very thing that brought you in.

I feel okay about…

David Laulainen

I write about how small achievable changes to everyday habits can have bigger global impact.

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